AntHill - Volume II (Passing through the Aircastle) (Entire version)

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Entire version of the Volume II (Passing through the Aircastle).


I Level - Entrance to the Aircastle
The way lasts in endless sky . Long imprisonment in cage is past. The trace of passed trails is lost.
On the way ahead is a castle in the air. Impossible to pass a barrier. Wings become exhausted.There is no way not to behold a structure. Lustre is hypnotic.Having found itself inside an aerial funnel creature lost ability to fly. Having made the last time a flap of wings it discontinued to feel them at all.Gust of the wind brought feeble body to arenaceous hall without chance to leave this fatal place. Sand falls down in the hourglass and brings the body to the underground.

II Level – Spider’s room
The creature turned up in dark room with a spider’s web and tangled in this tenacious substance. With every try to tear a web the creature loses it’s strength, courage and confidence. It notes the spider that stalks slowly to it’s new victim. A sting is ready. A poison penetrates into the body. Death revived the creature and it looked into the spider’s eyes that made an enemy dead and a web released the body.

III Level - Spinning the wheel
A door with attractive framing light is open – the passage to a new level. The other room with two ways out, one of which seems habitual entrance to the Anthill. Sweet illusion blinds enervate mind, prepares a new trap to mislead. The creature enters the door, like butterfly darts towards a fire, and gets up on the inner surface of the wheel. And it starts to ...

IV Level - The Corridor of invocatory hands
To spin the wheel following illusory picture of the lost past that envelope its mind with an obscure veil. Unconscious running with closed eyes is the movement on the one place. Every try to stop the running leads to a falling - the wheel spins by itself and it doesn’t let the creature to slow down until it shake the veil off. And the wheel stops. As if it was the second birth the humanoid had no desires or habits and it came down from the wheel with ease. Long corridor with many red carpets and hands, that jut out from the opened doors and entice to inside. The creature was befuddled by invocatory hands and visited the rooms, in which it was becoming a slave of the someone's spinning wheel, again and again.

V Level – Essence Reflection
The only way outside is the last door in the corridor - untrodden and mysterious way through the dense thorns and thickets. Wounded creature enters the door and a bright light dazzles it – the humanoid sets foot on a wide area alfresco with a large mirror in the middle of it. A human head reflected there instead of the ant’s one and all the passed trials were inside of him. That was a fight with his own weaknesses to understand a mission. A human spread his wings again and rose up.


from Volume II (Passing through the Aircastle) (EP), track released December 8, 2013



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AntHill Krasnodar, Russia

AntHill was formed by Artem Kovalenko on May 13, 2009 in Odessa (Ukraine). Debut album "Volume I (Leaving the Anthill)" released on August 31, 2010.

EP "Volume II (Passing through the Aircastle)" released on December 1, 2013.

In 2015 Artem moved to Russia.

Current lineup :
Artem - guitars, vocals
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